It's Official: 1on1 Bootcamp in Canada and My New York Challenge

This weekend I should be flying up to Canada for a 1 on 1 bootcamp with a Chinese Canadian. Never been to Canada, but at least it'll be cooler there than here in Texas.

Also, I just received my first challenger. The contender, a rather insecure bloke (he thinks white people are better looking than Asians) from New York. It seems his beef is that he believes Better Looking People get laid more than people with Game.

I actually won't argue the point because good looking Naturals DO get girls incredibly easier, but there's something more significant going on since I've never even replied to this guy and he's already got a beef with me.

If we can agree to the rules and the pot, I may very well be booking to the Big Apple soon. You can find the challenge post here.