The Pre-Thursday Night Post

Heading out to Obar again tonight. I'm meeting up with Paul and a cool guy I met at Nikita's, Joe. Now Joe's a pretty funny, outgoing guy who sports a mean mohawk and a wicked sense of style. He's like a punk rocking redneck that stumbled into a Melrose store.

I met him when he was out with this one good looking blonde (his primary girlfriend) and he has a few fuck buddies on the side. I think we'll be meeting up with a few of his girlfriends and I heard back from the Thai girl at Duke's. She might be meeting us either alone or with her girlfriends (some rather attractive blondes and Asians). We'll see how the night goes, but hopefully she won't bring along that plain Jane, cockblocking friend of hers.

P.S. I just talked with ThaiGirl and she confirmed that PlainJane really dislikes Asian guys and is only into white dudes. I guess she's so auto-racist that she actively seeks to cockblock Asian dudes, even the ones that her girlfriends are into.