Outgamed by Fellow Asians

Just doing a quickie update.

Lubbock was... interesting. It's this country city out in the middle of nowhere, 5 hours from Dallas. It's home to Texas Tech which houses some 30,000 students (mostly rich kids). Unfortunately, it was during the summer session and the sleepy city was rather humdrum. But I could see how during the actual school year how hot it would be from the few college coeds I chatted up. Tons of fraternies and sororities. I think my cousin (who goes to SMU), his best friend from TT, and I will hit it up later during the actual school year.

So, anyways, I saw some really good Game from some fellow Asian Playboys this past Sunday. I was out at Nikita's (the only Sunday spot) with Alfonso, a young Latin dude. I had talked to this cute redheaded Russian girl who wore this incredibly tight, white pants and shirt. The kind of ass hugging, cleavage revealing outfit that can drive a man wild. Anyways, I had talked to her for a little bit, she kissed me on my cheek, but I didn't pursue because she was also (at least in my opinion) a very high energy attention whore. I just don't have the patience and energy to put in that much work to Game a chick like that, maybe I'm selling myself short.

Anyways, at the end of the night, a friend of a friend, Chris from Houston, had somehow gamed her and was sitting intimately with her, side by side in a booth. She was literally feeding him her martini glass, intimate conversation, he got her number, etc. Very good Game from what I saw. And to give a perspective, this kid is shorter than me, skinnier than me, decently dressed (but not as sharp as I am), and (no offense to you my man!) not as good looking as I am. And he Gamed her a helluva lot better than I did with more persistance. Props to you man!

The second Asian player that I saw was this buff, pretty good looking and well dressed Asian dude who was as tall as I was (around 5"6). I had danced with these two Latina chicks, talked with them, etc. One girl was too much the energy whore so I blew her off and befriended her sister. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend so I pretty much played it nonchalantly, danced, talked, moved on, etc. Much like attention whores, I prefer to Game girls where there aren't that many obstacles. Anywhere, this muscular Asian dude (with his wing and buddy) Gamed the two Latinas, walks them out to the dude's car, and in a GREAT example of dominant bodylanguage, have the two girls in this intimate conversation. They're leaning back on the car while both Latinas are heavily engaged in talking one-on-one with the dudes. From all appearances, the girls were 100% into the guys and looked like if they weren't pulling for a one night stand, easily had a number and date lined up.

And finally, I got SERIOUSLY cockblocked by this plain looking Asian chick tonight at Duke's down in Addison. My buddy Paul (an Asian friend from Chicago and LA) had actually opened her up and then introduced me. He's not into Asian girls (I'm an equal opportunity beauty Player). Anyways, this Thai girl is REALLY into me so when we shake hands, while I don't "hold" her hand, I also don't let it go. Instead, I let it craddle in my hand and I let the girl decide when to release. And in this case, she held my hand for a good 10 minutes until we venue changed inside to the bar. I lead the way with her trailing and holding my hand. She meets a guy friend, and based off of our intimate bodylanguage, doesn't cockblock us and befriends me.

It's when she meets her plain Asian girlfriend that things go awry. Whatever her problem, she REALLY went out of her way to cockblock me. At first, while my Thai girl and I are holding hands, the cockblock grabs the girl's hand and PHYSICALLY pulls us apart. I shrug and move on. Later on during the night, I see the Thai girl again and motion her to me. We talk for 5 minutes before the cockblock girl comes back and sees us. She gets angry, tells me word for word, "She's coming home with ME, not with YOU." And starts doing the "girl dance" that excludes guys. I shrug, but then my Thai girl subtly pulls out her cellphone from her pocket, and hands it to me with her backturned and her girlfriend facing away. This is the most SUBTLE number I've ever taken. LOL. I progam my number in, call my cellphone so I have hers, and discreetly put the cellphone back into the Thai girl's backpocket, all without the Asian cockblock girlfriend seeing it.

I mean, I don't know what her problem was. Maybe I gave her a bad vibe, maybe she's jealous because she wasn't getting any, or maybe she wasn't into Asian guys (I saw her flirting with some Latino and black guys). But whatever. I understand the Game and how girls play it. I'm gonna give the Thai girl a call in a day or two and see about doing some DAAAAANCING!

And, hey, if any of you fellow Playboys out there have cool stories you want to share, PLEASE feel free to contact me using this form..