A Night Out w/ Bikers & ThaiGirl

Well, my life is now complete. There was skinny dipping and, oh yeah, getting threatened by a Biker gang member. Always something I've wanted to experience as Things To Do Before I Die.

Originally ThaiGirl and I were supposed to hang out last week, but she ended up getting pulled over by the cops after leaving a bar with her friends. She wasn't legally intoxicated (3 drinks), but it was enough to get her thrown into the tank. We rescheduled for the following Thursday.

Fast forward to Thursday. Turns out her friend was having a b-day celebration that she had forgotten about when we had rescheduled. Not a biggie. I drive to Fort Worth for the first time and end up waiting for a while. She and her friend were running late since they were coming back from the mall.

I pretty much told her to pick up something sexy to wear and be sure to visit Victoria's Secret while I waited. I'm annoyed that I'm kept waiting, but I keep my cool when I introduce myself to her friends when they arrive. I keep things a little on the cocky, playful side by easily befriending her not-so-good-looking BdayGirl and saying to them, "You at least bought me something at the mall for keeping me waiting, right?"

In one of the rare moments of isolation that night with ThaiGirl, I laid down the Law for being late: There's the First Time, the Last Time, and Goodbye.

She readily accepted like a good little girl and the girls went to get all dolled up. ThaiGirl came out with what she had just bought that day to wear for me: seriously tight white Daisy Duke style shorts and a pink slip. Turns out girl used to be a club go-go dancer and she's got the booty and the moves to show it off. ThaiGirl's about 5"5, 115lb, B cup, nice smooth tanned skin, a seriously hot ass, heart shaped face, cute button nose, and long flowing hair. Nice.

BdayGirl wants to hit up her favorite joint, Bellbottoms. Wow, that was... an interesting place. It put Lubbock to shame how white trashy it was. There were about a dozen bikers and ThaiGirl and I were the only nonwhite people there in the beginning. Interesting thing about the bikers, in a lot of ways, they're not only as aggressive as some of the black men I've seen in California, but maybe even more so.

I saw some serious cavemanning going on, bikers grabbing a girl off the dance floor, or onto the dance floor. I even saw one biker jump up to two girls, freak them, and run his hand under both girls' shirts and feel their titties. Like I said, they were were hella aggressive. Hell, I even saw them yell out at some nurses to show their titties (which the nurses did, LOL).

It was during a friendly conversation with a so-so cute girl with DD tits that a bike gang member came up to me when he saw me talking to her. The biker was a friendly drunk and it wasn't so much a threat as warning that if I layed a hand on his niece he'd kick my ass. Funny shit, very non-confrontational.

I talked with some random peeps about Fort Worth, danced with ThaiGirl and her friends, danced with some random girl, got mad props for being the best dancing guy there by both dudes and girls. Overall, pretty fun time except it was really hard to get any quality time with ThaiGirl.

BDayGirl was trying to hookup with some dude and kept on pulling ThaiGirl back. I don't think it was a conscious effort at cockblocking, but there was some jealousy involved. BDayGirl's kind of chunky and only ever had one boyfriend in her life. Whatever, I take advantage of what moments I can, get into some rapport and sexual talk (she's turned on by holding guns and riding on a crotch rocket), and the rest I spent by befriending her social group and dancing with them.

ThaiGirl gets into a dance off with a crew of black and latino dudes that showed up at the end of the night. Near the end, the BdayGirl's guy is badly trying to hit on ThaiGirl, buying her drinks, etc while one of the Latino dancers is also gaming her. BdayGirl is seriously pissed. I'm just chilling and finding the scene very amusing while I chat with a cute blonde with big tits (Thank Buddha, there's something in the Texas water that breeds massive titties everywhere I go here) who was also friends with BdayGirl's guy.

BdayGirl's guy buys ThaiGirl a drink while the Latino dancer gives her his phone. I can see a little hesitation on her part, but she ends up putting in some digits. BdayGirl's guy gets fed up and storms off. Again, I'm just chilling and don't find any of this particularly uncomfortable and certainly none of the guys were any kind of a threat. I'm continuing to chat with the big titty blonde and end up getting her digits as well, inviting her to maybe hit up some birthday party celebrations later on during the weekend.

We all head back. Only a little bit of naughtiness ensued, skinny dipping in the pool, etc. Again, BdayGirl rears her jealous head and interrupts ThaiGirl and I while we're chilling on the stairs. Poor girl's all lonely, but it is annoying. They crash at BdayGirl's place and I get back home around 5AM.

I'll probably hang out with ThaiGirl again, but not during this weekend. It's a full weekend birthday celebration and as amusing as that sounds, I'd prefer to get in some quality time with ThaiGirl. Her friends already love me for my laid back, chill confidence, sense of humor and dancing so I already have her peer approval (at one point, one of the friends was like, "Aaaaah, look at them, they're so cute" and makes two mouths out of her fingers and makes smooching noises, LOL :-)