Malandro Will Takeover the Asian Playboy Blog Whilst I Travel Overseas

I will be departing next week on July 7th to go backpacking through Viet Nam. In my stead, Malandro will be taking over the blog, providing inspirational advice and stories to everyone.

After him and his long term girlfriend broke up and he traveled to Europe, Malandro declared that he would be no chump. No loser, desparately waiting for some mediocre woman to grace him with her presence. Malandro has only been in the Game since March of 2005, but he currently has three steady German girlfriends, one of them a well known German actress.

As a Korean American, he has been steadily swaying the beautiful German women and showing them the sexual prowess that is the Asian man. Yes, that's right, even with three girlfriends, Malandro somehow has the time, nay the pleasure, and dare I say, the graciousness, to go forth and enlighten German, Scandinavian, and French women about the delight of Asian manhood.

Day game, night game, Malandro was like all us, starting out fresh and inexperienced. But through action, self-discipline, and the willingness to not only learn, but experiment, he has turned himself into a true Asian Playboy.

Please e-mail Malandro directly after I leave for any advice or if you'd like to share a story on the Asian Playboy blog. I will be returning in August.