Lay Report: Two Dates, Same Time... What to do...

So it's a Saturday afternoon and I'm chilling, looking forward to a night of fun and Gaming.

Then I think to myself, would I rather be Gaming the meat market or hooking up on a date?

Just for shits and giggles, I text msg 5 girls ("Hey, what's up?") that I had closed previously in the week. Some of them I had talked to on the phone and some that never called back.

Two girls call me up. One was a cute little Latina who had flaked on me previously, but we set up to hang out again tonight. Another blonde girl, we'll call her KirsteyDurnst because of her resemblance (plus enhanced breasts) also calls up right after I get done talking with the Latina, and we set up also to hang out at a totally different venue at the same exact time.

Hmmm. Two dates, one night. What to do, what to do...

KirsteyDurnst had a plausible excuse for not hitting me back when I had left a message. As a med student, she's under the finals crunch time and can ONLY go out on Saturday, not Sunday when I had called her. Latina had flaked out on me before and had never given an excuse as to why. Neither did I even bother to ask, that being the same night I ended up having a late night party with the pseudo-stripper girls, and NOTHING a girl does affects me negatively. KirsteyDurnst had pretty good energy and humor on the phone (I ended up also giving her her first stripper name). Latina... not so much.


9PM rolls around and I head out to meet KirsteyDurnst, flaking on the Latina. Turns out, I'm now gonna go through the "friends approval" ringer. This is where the girl will introduce you to her best friends and see if they approve you.

The #1 thing I did that night was I actively befriended and engaged ALL the girls. The first venue had only one friend and the three of us sat there, chilling and talking about a truly wide array of subjects. KirsteyDurnst, as a med student, is truly an intelligent person and her friend wasn't too shabby in the brains department as well. We addressed wide topics like politics, religion, movies, indie movies, musicals, books, science, California, Europe, Asia, pho, Viet Nam, etc etc. The one subject she had me truly trounced was that of art. Can't say I have that artistic vibe whatsoever.

Next venue we meet up with 4 more of her girlfriends. Did I mention that there's something in the Texas water that breeds HUGE MASSIVE TITTIES?! Dear Buddha, every single one of these girls were seriously STACKED.

Again, I befriend all the girls, tell a story or two, wait for the girls to interact back and tell me something about themselves, wash rinse repeat.

Previously at the first venue, I would give her some light, small touches: one on the knee, on the shoulder, on the hand, etc. Very light, but always with good eye contact and a smile.

At a certain moment, the "Friends approval rating" reached critical mass and I could INSTANTLY tell when her attraction for me had spiked, that all her friends were cool with me, and she felt free to show her attraction and affection for me in public with her friends.

Whatever test her and her friends had come up with, I passed because from the moment we both had to use the restroom and I led the way through the crowd, she was touching my shoulder, back, arm, chest, etc. 10 times more than I had touched her previously.

I, of course, capitalize on this moment instantly by sitting her down, putting my arm around her, putting our heads together, and intimately chatting. I suggest a venue change down the street to do some dancing (as well as isolate her from her friends). At first she's hesitant, so I make her comfortable by suggesting taking her friends along with us and I'll dance with them as well.

She simply melts. None of the friends want to go, so KirsteyDurnst and I head across the street where we up the touching, proceed to makeout, to slow dance, etc.

At the end of the night, we head back, say good bye to her friends, repark her car in a garage, and get a hotel.

Gameover, man, gameover.
Addendum: You can read how I met KirsteyDurnst here.