Late Night Party w/ Psuedo-Strippers (With Pic)

[edit: 9/6/05 Pic removed temporarily due to Neil Strauss' The Game]
Just got back, it's around 5:30am.

NaturalJJ and I hit up S***'s, the only thing going on Wednesday. Ended up meeting an actor friend of his (NaturalJJ has a small part in an indy film that's being filmed in the Big D). His girlfriend is the manager of S***'s. His Game was pretty much toast that night.

I saw three separate groups of girls that I had Gamed. Heck, I was reopening them with the most random shit. "Hey, I have a SERIOUS question to ask you guys. Give it some thought before you answer... Who would you rather take home? Batman or Spiderman?" Invariably, all the girls would answer Batman (ie money, looks, etc).

One pretty blonde girl (made up stripper name "Titty Dazzle") that I had talked to at O*** and befriended her fat photographer buddy, had in fact playfully slapped me for no random reason other than she was drunk. I reopened her and pulled her and her buddy to sit with the three of us guys while I went back and regamed some of the girls.

We got invited back to her place after meeting her three girlfriends, all cute and two of them SERIOUSLY stacked. So we think it's on. Two of the girls drive us back to the apartment where the pretty blonde calls up some of her friends to bring some party favors over.

Things seem good until we get there. Four pretty girls (two of them with MASSIVE DDs) and EIGHT (8!) guys! Holy shit, where the fuck did these guys come from? Three of them were random, one was the photographer, two were friends, and two was a DJ/dealer and his friend.

We chilled and shot the shit with all the girls and guys. The girls watched some Playboy TV and were reading this Playboy magazine. Coulda been some seriously hot action going on if it wasn't for the huge cock fest that went on.

The sad thing was, NaturalJJ and I were getting a little makeout action from our respective girls, but we had no idea where most of these cheesedicks came from. They weren't getting any play (at least from what we saw), but we couldn't close that shit with 12 people in a small two person loft.

Anyways, we'll see about hooking up with them again when we have a pool party this weekend.