How One Korean American Approaches Women Directly

As the guest writer on Notorious APB's ever growing blog, I thought I'd briefly introduce myself and talk about why I'm in the game, as well as how I cold approached and started dating the three women I'm seeing now. Actually, I may be adding one more to the list (a gorgeous blonde from near the Baltic Sea who I just met a few days ago).

My sole goal for becoming a good "pick-up artist" is to eventually find and settle down with a woman who I find beautiful, intelligent, funny, compassionate, sexy, easy to talk to, and good natured. With no "compromising" whatsoever. If this happens tomorrow, then I would be more than happy to stop "gaming" other woman and invest myself and my emotions into the relationship. However, I also know from past experience that what may seem like a great relationship in the beginning can turn sour. Additionally, women like men who have options, and it's always better to enter into relationships with the opposite sex (that always have a power struggle component) from a position of strength rather than weakness. I learned these lessons the hard way, and I can say that my progress continues on a daily basis, with plenty of ups and downs.

So without further ado.

I entered a rock n roll club with some friends and chatted with a few women just to get warmed up. I've noticed that social interactions with women, particularly when it comes to sparking attraction, is similar to shooting hoops or playing sport. It's important to get warmed up, otherwise you won't be at the top of your game when you do approach that perfect 10 you spot across the dance floor. Having gotten into the mood and phased into a more instinctual, fun loving state, I spotted a girl, who my friends claimed was the most beautiful female in the club. She was dancing with her friends near the edge of the dance floor and I was struck by how pretty her eyes were. Probably on par with Jennifer Love Hewitt in terms of looks and build. As usual, there were five to six guys hovering/dancing near her, mistakenly thinking that they can somehow dance a woman into bed.

As soon as I saw her, I did not hesitate for a single second. I directly walked up to her, ignoring all the dancing bodies and loud music around me, looked her in the eye with a slight smile, then said "You're absolutely beautiful. I'd like to get to know you better." She went into trance, not knowing how to respond but clearly liking how direct and honest I was. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I grabbed her hand and led her 5 feet away. The men dancing around her were stunned and devastated, and scattered to the winds.

I leaned against the wall, had her lean into my body, and talked to her intimately and engagingly for about 15 minutes. The conversation was not stellar, partly because of the loud music, partly because of the language barrier. Whereas in the past, I might have panicked, I simply relaxed and let the sexual chemistry between us flow. I smelled her neck, lightly kissed her cheeks, and looked deeply into her eyes while we talked about nothing in particular. I then gave her my phone and told her to put her number into it while she went to the bathroom. She did, came back, and told me she wanted to dance. I told her I wasn't in the mood, but that we would be seeing each other again when it wasn't so loud. The rest, as they say, is history. And she turned out to be as sweet, intelligent, and talented as she is beautiful. Don't ever say you can't meet quality women in clubs. You can.