How I Met KirstyDurnst

Someone asked me for clarification on how I met up with KD. Here's the backstory:

I closed KirstyDurnst when she approached me for a light at a posh bar/club while out on the patio. She had been previously engaged in a heavy discussion with a small, Indian guy.

After I fucked her, she later told me that night, she had been very upset about something and had been talking about life and other heavy shit with the Indian guy. All hail the emotional tampon!

So anyways, I feel a tap on my shoulder and she's asking for a light. A regular guy think she's simply asking for a light. A CONFIDENT MAN knows she's actually saying, "PLEASE TAKE ME NOW YOU ASIAN STUD!"

Needless to say, I never lit her cigarette, held out my hand, she placed her hand in mine, and I slowly pulled her into me. We basically started talking to one another with less than an INCH between our faces. I also pretended not to hear a word that she said so was forced to get even closer to each other and whisper into each other's ears. I would say it was 15 minutes of gametime before the club lit up and they started kicking people out.

KirsteyDurnst introduced me to her Indian friend. Poor guy, I felt really bad about stealing "his" girl from him since I could see him grasping ineffectually at her hand to hold it in his and trying to be the wannabe Boyfriend/CuddleBitch. I asked her for her cell phone, programmed mine in, saved it, and rang my own cell phone.

I think this was a Thursday or Friday and I called her on Sunday to hangout. Never got a callback (though she later explained why even though I never bothered to ask why) and then I texted her this Saturday afternoon. And that, as they say, was THAT.