Follow up on Blade's progress

Recently, Blade posted a report on when he hung out with my buddy in SoCal. This is the Chinese immigrant that has a noticeable accent. He still has a ways to go, but he's well on his way to Playboy status and without any of the negative societal programming.


I took the other chair which had been side by side, I moved it around till it faces her, and I pull her and her chair closer so her knees are now trapped between my open legs. She is taking this in and giggling. I start to do the cube. I am halfway thru the story, I realize she is hot and ready. She keeps looking at me with a blushing smile while frequently licking her lips. I realized also I had been speaking in a lower tonality and was unconsciously doing the triangular gazing (hey she is licking her lips nonstop). I was thinking, hey girl, hear out the cube, man! This is cool shit, stop making that gooey eye at me, this is seriously cool shit you got tohear. I never kiss a girl in club before, my brain starts tofuriously searching for a way to initiate. Damn it, she should at least letting me finish the Cube before going into state.

You can read it at this link: