The Challenge

Overall, a typical weekend, nothing truly spectacular.

I am, however, facing a slight hurdle in re-initiating contact with the blonde I laid from "Two dates, Same Night."

When we met up, we had really good rapport with her, befriended her friends, got their approval, she and I got a hotel, the next morning she got her period & cramps. Txt msged her to make sure she got home ok & she responded. Txted a couple of days later, nothing. Called on Thursday, didn't hear from her. Couple of suggestions from other guys were...Giving her text message that said:

Txt message her asking if she is playing hard to get. Haha... that usually gets them for me. She should think its pretty funny.
While another suggested this voice mail:

"Hi chick, I'm puzzled. You didn't strike me as the kind of woman who would deliberately interrupt her own opportunities..... especially when the first tastes felt so good... so I'm just wondering what happened in your environment to force you to keep missing out. Here's my number: xxxxx"
-Captain Jack

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