Another Chinese Love Story

Grant Kuo, from Shanghai, sent in this story about his experience with one the most beautiful women he's seen, a Nicole Kidman lookalike. It doesn't have as happy an ending as Blade's but Grant went for the gold, that perfect 10.

I thought it might be fun to share an experience whileI was in Shanghai. I am a Chinese guy who came to states for graduateschool 8 years ago (still "out of boat, but not that "fresh").

My usual "technique" is my dance move. Luckily enough I discovered that talent in a Reno's underground rock party a few years back. I have not approached white girls much in States but each time I went back to China I found it easy to soround myself with white girls, That is the psychological thing: if they are in China, they must be interested inAsian at the first place, I assume. That adds the confidence.

The bars/Clubs in Shanghai beats San Francisco's in every aspects.This one night I walked in a bar with a friend who just relocated fromUS to Shanghai. About 90% crowd are international, mostly white. As usual I looked around and got familiar with the enviornment, mostly these people sit in groups which made me feel they all knew each otherfrom the begining. That is not good news, I probably would have a hard time to jump in.

Music is up, light is dim, bartender a Chinese girl is seriously cute with a tight butt and white girls' healthy look(meaning, not pale, not much make up, healthy and flirtatious) which got me sit down near her. Before I proceed, there falls two white girls in the middle of empty dance floor dancing. Both are blonde, oneis a little chubby but has a sexy face and piercing eyes, the other isabout my height (5'11) in black dress. She looks almost identical toNicole Kidman. That could be a good news also could be intimitating.

Usually I don't approach girls unless they are so "my type" (in my opinion) that I have to do so otherwise I would die regretting. She isthat kind. There are a couple of shabby looking Chinese guys and whiteboys on the floor dancing around, out of tune in my opinion. I was not ready for a party night since I was in a heavy motocycle leather jacket and jeans looking kinda "wild".

But I managed to make some move around 3 ft from NK for a bit and it did not work, they retreated tothe softy sofa with dimmist light. I was a little disappointed since Iwas not sure how to approach her. A few friends of mine showed up andI met another friends from the bay area completely out of surprise.The world is too small. There is a few Chinese girls in the group, one of those I managed to hook up some days later and actually got laid.

NK still sits in the same area with her gf and white guy in stupid red, chatting. I walked all the way across the club to be right infront of her: heyyyy, I lowered my body and smiled at her, "where are you from?" I asked. "Australia, where are YOU from?" She smiled back (That is what I love white girls, they are flirtatious,non-pretentious creatures), emphosizing YOU as if she does not think I am a Chinese. (My friend has told me that I looked more like an Asian American, which I don't really know what that look is).

"I am from here" I did not lie, my home is still in Shanghai. But obviously she did not believe so I sat down on the sofa next to her, blocking another good looking white guy next to her. Oops...explaining:)

This is a good part that I usually enjoy: chatting up girls, it's much more fun to me than dancing in the meat market which I almost never do. She is from Perth so is her chubby friend: Perth! That is where my ex-girlfriend was from.

There are lot of things to chat about when you meet girls overseas since they must have some purpose in their trip. It turned out that she is in some sorta one month Internship here. She spoke Chinese fairly well, although not as good as her chubby friend. So we switched between Chinese and English and she started getting comfortable.

I kinda pointed (or touched) her black tops asking whether she got it from black market, half jokingly, she was like: you think I picked up some cheap dress to the party? We all laughed,honestly I don't know whether it's good or bad joke, but what the heck.

She asked me to guess her age: I guessed 19, She is again, no way! I am 22. I was like right on, we are a good pair. So we continuedflirting...right on this time, that stupid red guy came back anddragged her away. Before she went away, she told me that guy is fromSouth Africa.

Now I have to sit down befriend her chubby friend...long story short, in between there came another blonde Australian who started talking to me on serious political issue. She does not have the look or the boobs to keep me there so I said "nice meeting u" and bounced, looking for NK.

My relocated friend is a good looking Chinese boy in his mid 20's who always score among Chinese girls, but he doesnot know what so ever about communicating with white girls that is whyhe was ready to take off. Club was getting hot and night was still young I can't just leave like that.

Finally I found NK and stupid red in a cornor chatting. I went up to her and turned her shoulder overslowly, at the same time, I turned around to stupid red saying: sorryI need sometime with her.

He was like: "Can you give us some privacy?, She is my gf".

Under the dim lights, I laughed, I closed up to her ear and said to her: he is no way your bf, isn't he. She was hesitant a bit.

I asked her if she wanted to hang out with me before I leave forAmerica. She said she doesn't know. I think under that circumstancesthere are lot of pressures, she even told me:"I am here for only 2 more weeks, you will leave in a few days, why waste time?" maybe girls do prefer to have serious relationship than guys?

I did not really face the questions, instead, I went up closer to her started kissing on her cheeks: she did not escape, but did not return my kiss neither. I normally have a good sense in knowing what type girls that I am interested in would be interested in me, I feel she is that kind.

Before I took off first, I got her written down email address (She dose not have a cell phoe in Shanghai).

If in the passed years, I was only seriously attracted to less than 5 girls: she would be one of those, the sad thing is I could not capitalize on that at that time, even though we managed to email back and forth a few times, story ends here.

-Grant Kuo

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