Anonymous Asian PUA Does Berlin

I just got this e-mail from a Korean American playboy who just moved to Berlin. He's recently started playing the field and this boy is getting MAD results.

There's no whining about how white girls aren't into Asian guys, or how all the Asian girls are only into white dudes, or how the media negatively protrays Asians. MalandroPUA knows he's the shit, doesn't care to believe in a negative belief system, and just having the time of his life. Dear Buddha, how I miss Europe :-)

That's hilarious man. I read your write-up of your European travels on the badboyforum and thought it was pretty good.

Anyhow, I just got back home after a 2 hour make-out session with a German girl at a hip hop club. Gorgeous green-eyed Berliner with a body to kill for. Could not f-close her unfortunately, but I learned 3 HUGE lessons tonight from the black guys who literally hit the place every night.

1. They offer sex. It's as simple as that. They make no pretenses, and let the German girls know EXACTLY what it is that they want and are offering in the first 30 seconds. I believe this is by necessity, because their German is minimal and they don't really fit the 'LTR[Long Term Relationship] boyfriend image' for most women here.

2. They are persistent. If the girl looks vaguely interested, they'll stick to her like glue and continue to ratched up the kino (even if it comes off as supplicating). as soon as possible. Cavemanning also happens at the first opportunity presented.

3. They shotgun. They will approach, without fear, every white girl in the joint until they find a 'buyer'. I have to admire their dedication to finding a ONS [One Night Stand]. I realized something HUGE tonight.

Even though I've been averaging a lay a week, I now realize that I'm letting opportunities slip by EVERY time I go out here. First, I ignore IOIs [Indicators Of Interest] of 6s and 7s...this is a mistake because I'm coming home empty-handed when I could be getting a ONS pretty much one out of every two nights I go out.

Additionally, I've been projecting a frame that sits somwhere between boyfriend and ONS. In other words, it's not CLEAR what I'm offering. I'm off to Hamburg this weekend to visit the Hamburg lair crew, and I will go BEZERK over there. I've come to the realization that sometimes, you swallow your pride and shotgun shotgun shotgun and persist persist persist until the girl relents.

Finally, the black guy I 'winged' with spontaneously as he and I tongued down a 2-set of German girls said something interesting to me:"German girls like Asian guys. You will do really well."

He seemed almost envious of our position as being 'exotic' and unique.Tonight was an eye-opened. I need to be WAY more physical and aggressive, and just FORGET about them speaking English or not speaking English. It's definitely ON.

-Anonymous Asian PUA