Adopt a Newbie!

I just got this e-mail from a buddy of mine back in SoCal. Top notch dude that might be getting married to a chick he fucked our second night in London. Anyways, he went out with this tall, good looking Chinese dude who has a semi-thick accent. We'll call him Blade. Blade's still a Virgin, barely even kissed a girl and has a lot of the same hang-ups as other Asian dudes, but also throw in the fact that he's a FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) with an accent. Basically, no real Game to speak of and the insecurity of being a Virgin FOB.

Anyways, my boy Isaac (think scruffy looking, blonde Ethan Hawke) took him under his wing and showed him the light: how to approach women, how to talk to them, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, don't give a shit. Don't let negative thinking get in the way. Don't let societal programming dictate your actions. And especially don't let the fear of being a FOB Asian freeze you up.

My buddy was directing Blade into some of the most difficult groups of people, telling him to move tables, sit down with her, place her in his lap, kiss her, walk past 4 dudes and talk to the hottest chick, etc. No fear, nothing but MANLINESS CONFIDENCE. Blade got more results that one night (getting in great, long, intimate conversations with girls; hand holding; kissing, etc) than his entire life in China or America. And from what I hear, he was going after the hottest chicks in the joint who didn't care that he was Asian, didn't care he was a FOB, didn't care that he had an accent, and certainly wouldn't have suspected that he was a Virgin. Props to you both!

I got to thank you for opening my eyes to a new level of the game. Last Saturday was awesome. I felt so liberated to finally show women directly my intentions without hiding my interest in them in some smoking mirrors. I am feeling twice the man I was before for having done so. And it owes in no small part to the really tight game that u taught me. U just made another convert... Da shit rocks! I am pumped. I just started thinking how I should practise... on the streets and other public places. I am gonna be a menace to society! Thanks Man! I just order the queer eye for straight guy book online. And I plan to call that Vodka club chick who gave me her card. I will keep u posted of my progress. I owe u a big fat thanks and couple of drinks next time.

So for all you naysayers, you can LEARN this shit. IT'S INGRAINED IN YOUR FUCKING DNA TO BE A MAN. You just have to throw off the shackles of society programming and learn to TAKE WHAT'S YOURS!

And to all my fellow Playboys, adopt a newbie! Show them the error of their ways and put them on the path to greatness.