4th Week Tally

So it is now officially the beginning of 4th week of my Dallas residence. Here's a recap of the full three weeks I've been here:

1st week: 5 numbers, 1 makeout

2nd week: 2 dates w/ EmoAsian (placing her on the friends list because she's almost exclusively into white guys, too much effort for me to change that, and she has a lot of girlfriends); 1 number taken on the downlow from ThaiGirl, 1 number from KirstyDurnst, and a few others I can't remember

3rd week: partied with the pseudo-stripper girls, made out with one of them; had a date with the ThaiGirl at her friend's bday, went skinny dipping, got threatened by a biker gang; couple of more numbers; had two dates lined up on Saturday, flaked on one, fucked the other (paid for only one drink and the hotel room)

Flakes: I still get quite a few flakes, I'd estimate around 50% flakage. Some girls call back, some don't; some girls flake on the first date, some don't. I need to start improving my phone game because I think that's where I'm losing the interaction because during the MOMENT, I know I have them hooked.

Page visits: Up to 100+ from the 40-60s that this blog started with

Guys helped out: Jackson Power started his blog and his hard road to being a confident lady's man after being inspired by LoverBoy and myself; seven (7) Asian American men e-mailing for advice and/or providing material to put up on my blog

Not a bad 3 weeks of starting out, if I do say so myself.