Why, Buddha, WHY?!?!

So why did I start this blog?

A lot of interest was generated within the Asian American community when I started posting my stories of various hookups with women (usually white) while I'm out on the town. From the Scandinavian blonde I hooked up with in the shower room while backpacking thru Europe, to California where I had a girl give me a handjob on the dance floor, or when some girl thought I was famous so she tongued me down after I told her she had cute tits, etc.

I think, tragically, that there's a lot of self-doubt and confidence issues within the AA community, especially amongst the men when it comes to hooking up, dating, and just in general everything it takes to fuck a beautiful woman. I hope that my stories, thoughts, and advice will break these self-defeating mental barriers that they've created in their minds.

This place is also where I will collect my thoughts and stories for posterity's sake.