Saturday Night: "Oh my god! She's totally into him!"

As promised, here is my recap for tonight. Admittedly, not as exciting as some of the shit that's happened to me before, but it was all right. One solid girl that I'll be calling up and I'm now in solid with two bar/clubs. I headed out with my cousin Johnny (tall Asian frat boy) and Jason.

Obar started off super slow but got really hopping as the night went on. I easily befriend two hot waitresses that I had met before and a smoking hot manager (married). Lots of hugs, kisses, hand holding, extra attention, etc.

I end up not opening a lot of girls because I've approached the juncture where, to me, it's pointless to talk to 10 different sets of girls (although newbies should DEFINITELY approach as many as they can so they become acclimated to approaching and socializing). I want each interaction with a girl to be memorable and last long enough to reach it's inevitable conclusion, whether it's simply a number, a makeout, or a fuck. But hey, call me on my bullshit if you want.

Jason's doing all right, he's approaching different girls and I saw him in good with at least one pretty blonde, but who ended up being pulled away by her sister. Always a tough thing to separate family. Johnny was mostly chilling, he's really just used to college Game and found the bar/club environment intimidating.

The first girls I talked to were these attractive mid-20 brunettes. One had given me good eye contact and a smile so I walked up to them outside the patio where they were sitting and smiled. I asked them where the best places in Dallas to go were and they were more than willing to chat me up. I kneeled down on the back of my feet and was facing my target when Jason, with good intentions, interrupted my Game.

Now generally, I don't need a wing unless I call them in due to some obstacle. He didn't throw me off badly, but he definitely interupted my chain of thought and conversation when I introduced him rather awkwardly since he didn't give me a natural intro (ie "Hey man! It's good to see you!" or something). Anyways, by kneeling down, I'm conveying easy comfort and looking at them at eye level. I see Jason emulate me and then I move to the side, sit next to her and we're shoulder to shoulder.

Things seem good, but she's also waiting for her friends to show up, two white guys who were pretty lame. I easily walk up to her while she's talking to the guys, place my hand on her shoulder, turn her slightly and then she's fully engaging me while ignoring the guys. I also see that Jason looks blown out with the sister so I do the mental math: 2 guys, 1 sister. My girl seems somewhat into me, but the logistics of disengaging her from 3 cockblocks makes the work-to-reward ratio higher than I'm willing to tolerate even after putting in 15 to 30 minutes of Game.

So I simply backturn, place my hands on two girls shoulder, and gently insert myself into a group of three girls. Two were cute and one was a fattie. Again, I ask them about Dallas, etc. and decide that the cuter blonde is my target. Only a few minutes in and I slowly separate myself from the group of girls simply by taking a step to the side, minutely turning her to me, wash, rinse, repeat. I also take a step into her physical space (which she accepts readily) and every so often, I touch her shoulder, back, and stomach. She had a flower in her ear (which fell out) so I put it back on, making sure to brush her ear and neck in the process.

I can see from the corner in my eye that the two girls have totally noticed how into one another we are as we talk about traveling, people, etc. When you've done a good job at befriending the peer group and your girl looks like she's reciprocating intimacy, girls understand that you've chosen your target and generally won't cockblock you. It's only when they (sometimes mistakenly) perceive that the attention is unwanted (or you haven't given them respect, especially the less attractive ones) will they cockblock you.

I also see Jason has approached the 2 girls and is now talking to them. I also overhear the bestfriend of my target say, "Oh my god, look at how she's totally into that conversation! She's totally into him!" Like I said, girls understand the Game.

Unfortunately, at this point, a random friend of hers that she hadn't seen (and I hadn't talked to) interupts and pulls her away. Unperturbed, I simply sit down and casually start talking to these 2 black girls (one cute, one not). This definitely isn't their scene because they're looking for hot black men, but we have a pretty enjoyable conversation laughing at the antics of white people (they were pharmacists and told me how only their white clients took anti-depressants and subjected their kids to Ritalin). I also open a guy/girl couple next to me. She's a really cute blonde, but I also learn that the guy is her boyfriend.

Jason and Johnny are about done with this place so I head inside to close out my tab. In the process, I meet up with my cute blonde target whom I promptly pull to the side. Immediately, there's an incredible intimacy established because we're holding hands, in each other's arms, and our belly/groin area are touching. She's totally reciprocating everything I do.

When I talk, she leans in INCREDIBLY close to me so that my lips are touching her ear, cheek, neck, etc. In retrospect, I could see how I could have made out with her right then and there. There was definite escalation potential, no doubt. I also had the waitress ready to sign me out and my two buddies waiting for me to leave. I tell her to pull out her cell phone, program my number in, and call my own cell with it.

Later on, in the car as we're headed to Drama, the next club, I call her and talk to her over the phone rather intimately suggesting she should come over with us (no go), but that we'll kick it soon. Very seductive phone tonality so I'm sure I left things off on a positive note.

At the Drama Club, I befriended the promoter (it was a guestlist only night) by chatting with him for 5 minutes and told him I was from LA. He becomes really cool with me, gives me his card, and lets us in without paying a cover.

My preferences for a hot venue (beyond the clientele) are a dance floor that you can pull a girl to, an area inside that you can lounge, and a patio that you can smoke and socialize. Alas, Drama Club sucked some serious ASS even though it was the same place that I had gotten the numbers of three girls (one I had hung out with on Friday and another invited me to an afterhours party that I ended up not going to). Basically, it was really loud inside, crowded, high energy, slightly on the ghetto side and nothing at all out on the patio. Hopefully it was simply an off night since my first impressions of the place had been good (but admittedly the drunk girl to guy ratio was definitely favorable).

So we end up calling it a night. Feel free to comment, compliment, or rip my report to shreds.