It's a Saturday night Memorial Weekend

In a few minutes, I'm going to be headed to the Dallas Uptown area. My friends and I did Deep Ellum last night after hitting up Spike to chill with a girl (and her entourage) whose number I had gotten on my first night in Dallas and MAN, that sucked some SERIOUS ASS. I think we hit up 10 bars and every single one of them was fucking UG CENTRAL! It just got more depressing the more bars we went to.

Well, there's this one bar/club, Obar, that's a cross between Hollywood's Standard and Sky Bar (just without the pool). Anyways, I've taken a shine to it since there was some definite talent last time I was there. The competition consisted mainly of good looking frat boys, muscle bound types, and- I shit you not- 60 year old grandfathers (all predominantly white).

Or, as one silicon enhanced blonde who gave me her # said, the sugar daddies. Apparently it's a booming business down in the Big D. She should know too because she ended up hooking up with one of them, took him for half his money, and started up her own fashion line/warehouse/club. Gotta love it.

So hopefully when I get back, I'll have some fun stories to tell about our (mis)adventures tonight.