Cocked between a Ring and a Hard Ass

I met up with some buddies to go to Nikita's, a pseudo-Russian themed club that also happens to be the ONLY place in Dallas that goes off on Sunday. A very hot place, but super crowded, loud, and small. There's basically just the bar down stairs, tons of VIP tables, and the small pathway in between to a tiny dance floor. But it had a lot of hotties. Overall, a very "hostile" place to meet and socialize.

Ranks right up there with a couple places in Hollywood. If you can pick up here, you can pick up anywhere. Also had the most stringent "hard door" policy outside of LA, but I befriended the promoter so hopefully things can go more smoothly next time.

Talking and socializing was pretty useless though I did talk to a few people. The most success was through Dance Game. I danced with this one cute hispanic MILF, small makeout session, and got her number. Probably call her in a day or two. Very Latin dancing, grinding, etc.

The other girl was a cute Asian girl with a TIGHT ass. She was there with her girlfriends and they (especially her) had been checking me out. So I also danced with her and she was grinding her ass up my cock like there was no tomorrow. Things seem really good until I caressed her hand and discovered a FUCKING WEDDING RING! LOL.

Ah well, that's one line I haven't crossed yet. Though I guess in today's day and age, it doesn't matter anymore. Statistically, 60% of women will cheat on their husbands and 90% think they're entitled to it (

Let's recap, moved here Monday. First night out was Tuesday so flash forward to this grey Monday afternoon. So 6 nights of going out and partying have given me...

1 girl has my # (could have # exchanged, but felt too lazy) - No callback
4 #s collected - hung out with one girl & her friends (probably call on Tuesday); invited to one girl's afterhours promotion party (didn't go); left voice messages on 2 girls phone (no callback, try again in a day or two)
1 # uncalled
1 makeout on the dancefloor