An Asian Man's Journey for Self-Esteem and Russia

I came across this website that detailed a self-admitted Asian nerd and his journey into Russia. I share some of the feelings that he had about the way he was treated.

When I was in Europe (which I'll one day blog in its entirety some time in the future), I was treated significantly better by the women and the men. I was literally getting hit on almost every day and especially at all the hot nightlife areas. Contrast this to my buddies (good looking white guys) who thought the Game was the same as in America, they didn't find it harder or easier. I traveled mostly Western Europe so there were no "green card" issues or them thinking I was rich and powerful. The Europeans girls saw me as a hot 9 while American girls see me as a 6, less that that if they don't like Asians. So I definitely see Winston's point of view on this. Europe was truly a life affirming, perspective changing experience. But...

You see, America has given me zero social status, so that making friends and getting dates is way too hard and unnatural. And everything I try to do to change this seems futile. When you have zero social status in America, people just don't invite you out to places and parties, especially cool people. On the other hand, those things come easy to me in Russia, because of my high social status there. I am seen as attractive and exotic there. And I am also a symbol of wealth and power, much like tall white men are in Asia. Even though I'm not rich at all, people there "think" I am,and so they treat me like it. Eventually, I start to believe it myself as well. (Needless to say, it's no willful deception on my part either, because no matter how many times I tell people there that I'm not rich, they still won't believe me for some reason!) Therefore, in Russia I get all the things that I wanted in America that I couldn't get. It's as simple as that.


I think where I differ from dear Winston is his inability to change his life in America. He simply chooses to accept being a zero. I think he uses his self-labeled appellation of "intellectual" to excuse himself from immersing into the American dating life. Yes, women judge you by your race, looks, height, cock size, and all those other physical attributes. That's universal. Sure it's a little harder, but you can't and shouldn't use that as an excuse.

YOU ARE A MAN. You have every RIGHT to pursue what you want, who you want, and who you wish to pursue.


Winston seems to have accepted his lot in life. He misses Russia (like I miss Europe) and resigns himself to living a less than satisfactory life in America. BULLSHIT! Be a man. Take what's yours! Society has forced him and others to accept societal programming that they are less than others. BULLSHIT! Refuse that reality!

I think Winston, unlike so many other Asian American drones, has realized life outside of the Matrix. He took the right pill and experienced life as it was truly meant to be experienced while in Russia. But like that turncoat in the first Matrix, Winston is simply diving back into the Matrix even after what he's experienced.

I'm telling you, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

So Winston (and others who feel like he does), if you're reading this: FIGHT THE PROGRAMMING! You don't have to accept living in the Matrix if you don't have to.